New Side View Mirror Powerfold Actuator

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New Side View Mirror Powerfold Actuator

At MCi, it is our ambition to set the benchmark in our industry in terms of performance, quality, costs, sustainability and unique value added features. In 2018, we decided to develop our new next generation rear view mirror Power Fold actuator.

Building upon our relationships with our customers and the key OEMs, we identified the features that are driving great value for the end customers. As a result, we have incorporated several MCi unique patented product features that are recognized in the industry for its added value.

Through high content of in-house molded components, we succeeded in offering a cost-effective solution which is the lightest among its competitors with high performance and value-added features, which allow our customers to use it in a wide range of mirror applications from small passenger cars all the way up to high-end SUV applications.

Covering a wide range of vehicles, it allows MCi to industrialize this product line with fully automated assembly lines in Europe and in China. Localization in Mexico is scheduled for 2024.

With sustainability high on our agenda, having this new generation Power Fold produced in three locations, our customers and we can optimize/minimize the logistics and reduce the potential risks in the supply chain.

Multiple key OEMs in Germany, France, North America and China are in the process of releasing this Power Fold for their new vehicles with the result that MCi will double its product capacity from 5Mil units to 10Mil units in the next 2 years.

A great value-added solution globally available, IN THE REGION FOR THE REGION.

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