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From early sketches to global mass production, we globally design and manufacture next level actuators for controlled motion that enable your progress.

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We take a holistic approach to sustainability, from pursuing renewable energy to power our offices and factories to our local-for-local supply approach reducing the environmental cost of transporting our products.

Research & Design

Together we can develop a concept - translate your requirements to a solution and validate it. MCi is specialized in actuators and the perfect partner to develop your next-level solution.

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State of the art factories

Our factories are implementing Industry 4.0 and are suitable for both low volume entry projects and high-volume mass productions. Our factories adopt high-level automation, 100% vision controls and 100% end of line testing with which we strive to zero defect. And with factories located in 3 regions globally, we can mitigate disruptions through supply chain resiliency.

From mirror to motion


​With a 60-year history of excellence, MCi pioneered and invented many core automotive actuator concepts, features and functions. And we’ve done with at a massive scale, with over 2 billion actuators designed, built, and delivered.


MCi is part of Flex, the diversified manufacturing partner of choice that helps market-leading brands design, build and deliver innovative products that improve the world. Through the collective strength of a global workforce across approximately 30 countries with responsible, sustainable operations, Flex delivers advanced manufacturing solutions and operates one of the most trusted global supply chains, supporting the entire product lifecycle with fulfillment, after-market and circular economy solutions for diverse industries.

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Nurturing is in our nature

The best products require the best people. We’re committed to supporting our people with a free-spirited working environment that sparks creativity and joy. Want to work at MCi?

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