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Active Airdam Actuation

At MCi, it is our ambition to set the benchmark in our industry in terms of Performance, Quality and Sustainability while offering unique value added features. In 2020, MCi launched its first Active Airdam program using a proprietary Lead-Follow actuator configuration.

Win-win solution.

Our Active Airdam actuation is a deceptively simple solution to a variety of problems. OEMs continuously search for ideas to improve fuel efficiency, and consumers are always looking for ways to reduce wear-and-tear on their vehicles. By allowing a vehicle’s air dam to extend and retract, both sides win. OEMs can harness the improved aerodynamics of an extended air dam, and consumers don’t have to worry about that same air dam hitting rocks, potholes, curbs, and more.

Cost effective, high performance.

Through a high content of vertical integration and a carefully sourced supply base, MCi offers a cost-effective solution which is best in class among its competitors with high performance and value-added features allowing our customers to apply this line of actuation product to the active airdam as well as other applications including active grill shutters.

In the region, for the region.

Through MCi’s world class manufacturing and overall philosophy of production supply “in the region, for the region” we can industrialize this product line globally to meet our customer’s needs.  With sustainability high on our agenda, having this regional production capability we can optimize logistics and reduce the potential risks in the supply chain.

A great value added solution globally available LOCAL FOR LOCAL.

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