Actuation solution for Firefighting

Fire Detection
Off the shelf
Actuation solution for Firefighting

Beyond automotive.

At MCi, it is our vision to be the most trusted global technology, supply chain and manufacturing solution partner to improve the world. This allows us to collaborate with companies within various different industries and requirements.

Our versatile solutions.

Continuous communication with our existing and new customers supports to find new opportunities where our actuator can be of added value for a system. The 300 series actuator as a result is now incorporated in auto-alignment fire detection systems for large buildings (Warehouse, Manufacturing, Hangers, etc.) since 2010.  

The high quality standards, manufacturing of inhouse plastic components and high level of fully automated assembly lines allow MCi to position the available actuators in different markets. Fully automated assembly lines thereby in Europe, China and Mexico ensures that MCi can offer a cost-effective solution for all markets in an global environment, keeping the supply chain local.

The compact design and high durability allowed the Fire detection market to develop value added features of Auto-alignment where the transmitter and Receiver are electrically aligned over a long distance, an action which used to be performed manually on high heights.

High volume production ready for you.

A released application and increased demand in auto-alignment fire detection systems allows MCi to supply increased volumes year over year in this market where Safety is the main priority! A great example where high quality standard products are meeting requirements for different applications.

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