Camera Wing Folding Actuator

Sketch to Scale
Camera Wing Folding Actuator

(Mirror) Vision has been our core for over 50 years. The improved camera and display technology offers an alternative surrounding awareness system for the car driver today. More compact and stylish compared to a conventional mirror, the Camera Monitoring System (CMS) needs to comply to the requirements set in the UN regulations. Using the technology from the conventional mirror power folds, MCi developed a range of fold units dedicated for CMS applications.


The CMS system enables the creation of a stylish, slim line wing. To explore this potential to the full, MCi developed the most compact actuator available to date. This maintaining the excellent vibration stability that marks our Mirror Power fold products.

Unique features.

Reliability over life under all circumstances is even more important for an expensive system such as the CMS. Reduction of the friction between the static and dynamic part of the system by means of the, patented, lift system secures a smooth movement over the full temperature range. The “double detent” lock system provides the ability to always find the absolute drive position and secures an excellent vibration performance even after manual adjustment.

Ahead of the cycle.

Closely monitoring the regulations, MCi decided to stay ahead of the cycle and developed the CMS actuator even prior to the release of all global regulations. Developed, validated, and launched the MCi CMS fold actuators are available for you yet today.

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