Charge Port Door Actuator

Charge Port Door
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Charge Port Door Actuator

With the trend of electrification within the automotive industry new systems are introduced and existing systems are being redefined. An example of such a redefined system is the Charge Port Door (CPD) that replaces the original fuel cap. These CPD applications need to be automatically opened, closed, and locked, driven by safety reasons and user convenience.

MCi offers actuators with high speed, high torque, and mechanical clutch abuse protection. Besides opening and closing the door in the simplest non-smart configuration we also offer full LIN control support including our patented Lead-Follow technology. With this technology we can add interesting functionality to the system and take away complexity at the same time.

We can support your current CPD actuation requests using our existing Active Aero actuator platform produced globally. We can also provide help in finding the best actuator solution for your specific CPD application within or outside our current offering. Prototypes and samples can be provided quickly. Interested in what MCi has to offer for your CPD motion control? Please contact our business development team and we are happy to share all details.

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